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Our aim with Velo was to create a complex flavour profile that reveals different elements during the drinking, not unlike the way a good wine or perfume reveals it’s layers of character over time.

After a lot of trial and error we’ve settled on a combination of seven distinct types of bean from seven different regions.

And those beans, unfortunately, are not cheap.



From the smooth and subtle Kaloosi beans (handpicked in Sulawesi from trees cultivated as early as the 18th century) to the rich and powerful beans from Medellin in Colombia, this specialty coffee is unequalled for balance, aroma and taste.

Want to
serve Velo
in your café?

Due to the scarcity of some of the beans in the Velo blend we have a limited capacity to produce this coffee. Unfortunately this means that we can supply no more than 50 cafes within New Zealand. If you’d like to serve Velo, or wish to be placed on a waiting list, please call Dan Leighton on 021 886 125

Notes for baristas



Velo has been created primarily as an espresso coffee but has also been very successful in filter, plunger and Chemex.

It can be made strong and rich, or light and sweet. The choice is up to the taste of the café and barista.






  • » To keep a consistent, neutral starting point, ensure that all your equipment has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • » Grind the beans fresh.
  • » Make sure the grind is not too fine.
  • » Use filtered water.
  • » Don’t use too much coffee or it will over-power the delicate sweet flavours.
    (Around one tablespoon per person is a good place to start).
  • » Increasing the amount of coffee will raise the sharpness and bitterness but retain the richer chocolate flavours.
  • » Get the amount of coffee right for your tastes and then always be consistent.
  • » The water should be below 93 degrees Celsius even at the beginning of the process.
  • » You can (like we do) use fine scales to replicate the correct weight and a thermometer for perfect temperature.
  • » After brewing never leave the coffee sitting on a hotplate as it will burn very quickly and taste vile.
  • » When using a plunger, make sure to pre-heat the glass and brew for around five minutes.
  • » If you’re using a Chemex we recommend a very fine filter paper to get a smooth clean flavour.

Who we are

Velo was conceived and developed by Derek Townsend, the founder of Karajoz Coffee. He introduced European style espresso to New Zealand in 1982 with the infamous DKD café in Auckland, and remains a pioneer on the local coffee scene. He’s currently one of only two SCAA qualified Green Bean Graders in the country.


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