Colombian Coffee


This country produces exclusively arabica beans, and these have a distinctive taste – rich, full flavour, highly aromatic and brightly acidic – which is why many consider it to be some of the finest in the world

Colombia is the perfect place to grow coffee; Coffee Arabica trees thrive in areas of high altitude and warmth, they are perfectly suited to the terrain of Colombia’s mountains.

Most standard Colombian coffee is grown by relatively small farms and then collected, wet-processed (washed), milled, and exported by the Colombian Coffee Federation. Colombian coffees are typically washed and sun dried on patios.

Most people will enjoy Colombian coffees as a smooth morning wake-me-up, and work well as a medium or dark roast, depending on your personal taste preferences.

The capital city of Columbia is Bogota, no trip complete without trying the columbian coffee. Located in Bogotá’s lively park 93, Azahar cafe is a special cafe that offers a choice of coffees from many different departments of Columbia. Working directly with coffee farms you can learn about the different farms the coffee is from and how the coffee has travelled from the farm to your cup.

Another great cafe in Bogotá is Catación Pública. Not only do they serve delicious coffee they also offer courses to help those wanting to sit there Coffee Quality Institute Quality Grader exam. The staff are happy to help answer any question your have about the coffee available and have the knowledge to do so. Friendly service and amazing coffee!


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