Guatemala, a country located in Central America, is one of the worlds biggest coffee producers. The name Guatemala comes from the word meaning 'place of many trees'. The volcanic environment of Southern Guatemala contains some of the most productive soils in the world. The soil, rainfall, humidity, altitude and temperature are varied enough to produce seven types of Guatemalan Arabica coffees, which are produced in eight main regions. 

Guatemala's coffees tend to be rich and flavorful, partly due to the volcanic soil. Guatemalan coffees in general have a relatively high degree of acidity and often taste of chocolate. Many coffee aficionados also note a smoky taste to the Guatemalan bean.

 In Zone 16 of Guatemala city there is a coffee cafe called Watson Books and Coffee. If you are looking to read or study over a coffee head to Watsons cafe. Half book shop, half are this place has the perfect relaxed ambience for you to relax. With good food and smoothies its a great stop for lunch also. The staff are friendly and happy to answer any questions you have about your coffee as well.

Known to be the best coffee house in Guatemala, Cafe El Injerto located in zone 13 in the place to be. The cafe uses its very own coffee from the El Injero plantation in Huehuetenango considered to be one of the top five coffee farms in the world. It is also the first plantation to become carbon neutral in Guatemala. This cosy cafe is a special space for coffee lovers to try some of the highest quality coffee in the world.


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