There is nothing as deliciously comforting as being wrapped up in a winter coat, hot drink in one hand, a good book in the other, tucked away in a bustling coffee shop. London, namely the west end, is the place to find such comforts. Teeming with trendy cafes, cosy second-hand bookstores and boutiques spilling over with gorgeous wintery garments, London’s Soho is where classic English charm meets a newer, cooler way of living. 

The first stop in London’s longstanding main entertainment district, is, of course, one of the many cafes lining the frosty cobblestone streets. Coffee culture in the city, particularly in the trendy west end, is quickly becoming commonplace, meaning discovering a variety of quality options is increasingly simple. The hole-in-the-wall cafes dotted around Soho offer a vibrant, colourful atmosphere, while still feeling homey and comfortable. Find a quiet corner inside and cosy up with a coffee and a paper or brave the snow outside and, hot drink in hand, watch the coat-cladded locals pass by. 




While wandering the streets of Soho, it is hard to miss the variety of beautiful architecture it offers. Originally a fashionable district amongst the aristocrats, Soho boasts classic, intricate English shops and homes as well as newer storefronts, painted in vivid colours. This juxtaposition between old English style and a bright, more modern style, is a perfect representation of the culture of London’s west end; quaint and familiar meets edgy and stylish. This is also apparent in the huge variety of boutiques in the area, from curated second-hand stores offering gorgeous vintage pieces, to the brand new, fashion-forward designers displaying their striking new garments in shop fronts. 

For those who revel in the little comforts in life but appreciate something shocking every now and then, London is the place to find a deliciously eye-opening experience.


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