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Sulawesi Island, formerly known as Celebes, is amongst the biggest coffee producers in the world. The original name Celebes comes from the meaning 'hard to reach', named first by the Portuguese. Located in Indonesia, the journey of Sulawesi coffee began when the Dutch government brought Arabica coffee beans and ordered farmers to plant the coffee in their land.

Sulawesi coffee is best known for its silky body, moderate acidity, and smooth finish. Its flavors tend to land on the warmer side of spice, with bold cinnamon, cardamom and at times black pepper.

The most distinguished Sulawesi coffee is Toraja (also called Celebes coffee), along with Kalossi, a multi-dimensional coffee grown in the southeastern highlands and distinguished by its expansive flavor with a full-bodied richness.

One of the coffee shops in Manado, Sulawesi is called Verel Bakery and Coffee. The cafe offers high quality Sulawesi coffee and the insightful barista s knowable and will answer any questions you have. Even though the place is little the coffee and food tastes sensational. 

Jl. Bethesda | Sario, Manado, Indonesia

Another coffee shop in Sulawesi is the Elmonts Coffee and Roastery, located in Tomohon. 

This quaint coffee shop serves its own beans and coffee Elements original blend, highly recommended for its flavour by many. The friendly owner makes the experience pleasant and the food is great. 

Jl. Sreko | Kolongan 1 Lingkungan 7, Central Tomohon, Tomohon 95442, Indonesia



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