Sweden by train, from Stockholm to Oslo


Sweden is a Scandonavian country filled with fjords, mountains and desired views. But some of the best places to go in Sweden to see the daily life of locals are seen on the smaller stops on  the trains. Trains are a great way to travel as you get from one place to another in a very quick time.

The train in Sweden is great as it travels from the capital city Stockholm to another big city named Oslo in Sweden. The train has many stops at small towns in the country filled with local people and filled towns buzzing with life. The route is mainly flat and passes beautiful lakes such as Lake Vanern, the largest lake in Europe. The Swedish rail company is called SJ and has trains leaving the station as frequently as possible. You can buy tickets online on their website and booking in advance costs less. 


The first stop on the train is Vasteras is only an hour away from the main station in Stockholm. Vasteras is on the shore of Lake Malaren which is an enormous lake in Sweden. The city has many beaches and coves. There is a lot to do in this city, such as having a spa and swim for only eight dollars at the Kokpunkten water park. This is a great day out with the family.

The city also has an amazing 13th century cathedral to visit. The next stop, about an hour further on the train, is Orebro also known as the heart of Sweden. The city has a castle and an open air museum to visit while there so never a boring moment for you. The next stop is Karlstad, another hour and 45 minutes on the train. In summer the city offers free bikes to ride around the city. The city is right on Lake Vanern, the biggest lake in Europe. The train heads for Oslo, carrying along a mass of excited tourists. The last stop is the big city Oslo, and trains leave 2 times a day. 

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