The country Peru and Machu Picchu

The beautiful country Peru in South America is a special place to visit. Machu Picchu is the core fortified area in the city, built by the Incan’s that settled there for many years. Machu Picchu is  set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Machu Picchu sees over a million visitors each year to see the ruins left from the Incans who lived there a long time ago. There are many supported treks that take you to the most impressive ancient roads. The path has red cantuta flowers and buzzing with sapphire-winged hummingbirds, flying around the beautiful path. 



There is a trail named the Inca trail that leads to Machu Picchu is well known and many have travelled on it. The road is a bit tricky so when you start on a track like this there is little help around should you end up needing it. You have to be careful and committed to finish a track like this. Most people say it is worth the hard work as the ruins are a special thing to look at that most only see online in a picture.

You can trek with llamas just like the real Incans did back when they lived there. There is a great guided tour that you can ride llamas on to travel around to see all the best sights. This trek is from SA Expeditions and has a six person group. The trek includes accommodation in Lema, meals, tents, sleeping bags and llamas (so not including flights).


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