The most beautiful historic villages in France

This is our favourite selection of historic French villages, read further and let us know which is your favourite or on the top of your bucket list.


Locronan in Brittany. Photograph: Alamy

1. Locronan, Brittany

Locronan named after Saint Ronan, the Irish hermit who founded it in the middle ages. In the 15th century the dukes of Brittany gave money to help fund the building of the Gothic church. The village became famous for its weaving industry, producing canvas sails of the East India Company and the French navy. Locronan is often used as a location to shoot films.


Photograph: Heinz Linke/Getty Images

2. Pesmes, Burgundy

Pesmes is a historical village right on the edge of Ognon river. Pesmes is a picturesque place, the avenues are filled with 100 year old plane trees. There is a 17th century castle that reflects against the water that sits around the castle. Many of the cobblestone streets are lined with winemakers houses, and the 13th century church of Saint Hilaire which has a giant bell tower and an eccentric multi colored tile roof.


A gate in the medieval fortifications of Domme. Photograph: Getty Images

3. Domme, Dordogne

Domme in South France has exceptional views that should be seen by everyone's eyes. Considered one of the most beautiful fortified villages in south west France. There are ramparts, fortified gates and towers which were used as prisons in the early 14th century. The houses line the streets like the 13th century Maison du Batteur de Monnaie and the former courthouse.


La Maison D’Aux hotel.

4. La Romieu, Gers

La Romieu located in Gers, named after the gascon word roumiou or pilgrimage. The village was founded at the end of the 11th century by a monk returning from being a pilgrim in Rome. The village became a bit more popular in the 15th century due to the church of Saint Pierre being established in this year. The village is pretty and has an arcaded square and a botanical garden open from april to october.


Photograph: ArtMarie/Getty Images

5. Gordes, Provence

Located on a hilltop in the Monts de Vaucluse, Gordes is a beautiful village that will take your breath away. The village is filled with holm oaks, wheat fields and vines. The narrow streets are lined with stone houses, almost making you feel like you have gone back in time. The art industry is very big in the village. There are summer festivals and concerts and cycling and trails in Luberon national park.


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